Alessandro Corbetta, Technology and IT

I am passionate in software and programming since I was in elementary school. Over the years I kept on coding and grew a passion for technology in general. Today these are substantial elements in my work as a researcher and beyond.

Daily/fluent user of:
Python for HPC, web and administration (scipy stack, pandas, numba, cython, ipython, scoop, tornado, django, pelican, jinja2, fabric, plotly)
C/C++ (openmp, selected template metaprogramming), cmake, regex
Web (backend + scientists-level frontend. html(5), jquery, bootstrap, angularjs, websocket for realtime communication)
(postgre)SQL, Bash, Linux/server administation, scheduling & automation, Docker, Matlab, Latex

Artificial intelligence & computer vision: Keras+Tensorflow

Developed (selection):
an offline and real-time pedestrian tracking system employing grids of Microsoft Kinect sensors (C# for Kinect control, Network transmission: batched ssh for offline, websocket for real-time, cython/scoop distributed raw data offline analysis, 100GB data/day ~15min processing on 400CPUs)
(mainly C++) simulation codes for many particles simulations, particle-in-cell for plasmas/FEM for EM (LAPS at LANL), FV and similar for fluid-like dynamics
Currenlty also busy with the remote infrastructure for automated research data management of fluid mechanics simulation codes by or related to the group of F. Toschi (cmake, python, C, django). Among the first in the World to tackle the problem effectively (soon on papers).

Occasional user of:
C#, css, Java, VB, Powershell, Mathematica, many more...

Experienced in:
object-oriented design/UML, policy oriented design, scalable design, several programming patterns, (unit-)testing & continuous integration, version control (git/ administrator of gitlab server with 100+ Users and 350+ project since 2015, took care of most of the CI design therein).

When time allowed I used to be an active memeber of the brilliant community. Now, it is hardly more than an almost uninterrupted consultation.
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